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Please Pass the Hotsauce

_________________ It’s been a minute but our podcast Ah Who Dat? is back! In our first episode from the new year we sit down with Boston radio personality Ms. Hotsauce and chat bout her many media projects and life in Boston’s Caribbean-American community. Traditionally migrants from the Caribbean revel and settle in the us thr ik and Canada. In the us nyc is the #location . So much so that Flatbush brooklyn was recently designated little Caribbean #s. What many meaning I, don’t realize is that Boston mass is also home to a healthy Caribbean pop #s. Traveling there since...

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Don’t Call It A Comeback

I’ve Been Here For Years. 10 To Be Exact. _________________ 2018 marks RACA’s 10th anniversary in the blogosphere. Back in 2008 I got an itch to share my thoughts on what being a child of Caribbean immigrants in America is like. I scratched out a corner of the world wide web in which to share the smack and stories I’d been trading with my friends and RACA was born. I didn’t really have a plan for this thing. These days folks start blogs with a business plan, social media strategy and sponsorship pitches all lined up. Blogging is serious...

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She Haffi Have It

Caribbean Culture Shines in Spike Lee’s Latest _________________ Brooklyn has been the backdrop of countless films and television series over the years. From Annie Hall and The Cosby Show to Moonstruck and Brooklyn Nine Nine, the borough and its’ people have been a favorite subject of many writers and directors. The current captain of #TeamBrooklyn is undoubtly Mr. Spike Lee. Lee has spent a lifetime exploring the lives of Brooklyn Black folk. As a born and bred Brooklynite myself, though I didn’t live the brownstone life he usually portrays, I appreciate his dedication to consisently putting our borough, our...

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Jan 2018 – Letter from the Editor

Evolution. _________________ Hey Hyphens! How you? Long time no see eh? Apologies for the extended absence but life has been steady drop-kicking my ass for a minute now an it’s taken me some time to regain my equilibrium (most of which happened on a beach in Miami – see pic above). But I’m back and ready to jump into my fav pastime: the exploration and discussion of all things Caribbean. First thing to note: this year we are celebrating ten years online. Ten. Years. Me cyaan believe it. How did ten years fly by so quickly?  Not quite sure,...

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The Do-Over

New Year, New Start _____________ Who doesn’t love a fresh start? A chance to make right what went wrong. To erase the slate of whatever drama and trauma has been plaguing  you and to try again, this time promising yourself to avoid the previous mistakes made. Planning to make the smart decisions needed to kickstart the happiness, health, wealth and love that you just know are waiting for you on the other side is what this time of year is all about. To trash and/or come to grips with the past and get started on living the vision board...

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RACA Recap: Black History Month 2017

Growing up, black history month wasn’t a big deal to me. In elementary school teachers dusted off the annual lessons on Martin Luther King Jr., Fredrick Douglas and Rosa Parks. We recited poems at assembly and colored pictures of BHM notables for display on the bulletin board. Come March 1st it was all taken down and we were back to our regular curriculum. As I got older, I began to better understand and appreciate the struggle we as a people have been through in this country. It was a strange understanding since, as a child of Guyanese immigrants, I...

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