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Posted by on Apr 20, 2016 in Georgie Bundle | 1 comment

Award winning Trini film TRAFFICKED comes to Brooklyn

Last year, while attending the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, my homie Chantal Miller of ChantiMedia and I had a time trying to work out our schedule. There were so many films we wanted to see in the short amount of time that we was there. But the one film that we just could not get tickets to was Trafficked. Despite all our efforts to score a ticket, it was always sold out by time we made it to the box office. What was it about this film that had people clamoring for it so? I had to find out. Thankfully, the film gods took pity on us. The festival scheduled one last midnight performance. We scored our tickets and made our way to the theater. And it was well worth the wait.

Written and directed by Sean Hodgkinson of Quirky Films, the feature length film follows three friends on vacation in the Caribbean. What starts out as a fun and lighthearted movie quickly takes a turn as the three become enamored with a charming and generous stranger. Of course his generosity is not without cost and the friends are soon lured into a dangerous con.

Inspired by true events – as told to Garth and Natasha St. Clair on their award winning radio program; Eye On Dependency – the film seeks to raise awareness about the dangers of drug trafficking in the Caribbean.

The film makes it’s east coast debut at the New Voices in Black Cinema (NVBC) Festival on April 23rd at 2 pm at the Bam Rose Cinemas, in Brooklyn. The screening will be followed by a Q+A with members of the cast and crew. Click here to buy tickets to Saturday’s screening of Trafficked.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this. Trafficked is an important film that covers a pressing topic. It is well acted with a strong story line that grabs you from the moments the house lights dim. Garth St. Clair, who was also executive producer says: “The film captures almost perfectly the ills and dangers of human and drug trafficking. Trafficked is not only a fantastic and hair raising film, but it is an important crime fighting tool and shows the darker side of what people believe is a tropical paradise.”

Trafficked Poster V2


1 Comment

  1. My dear Brother, I told you the journey has now only begun. I am proud of you and your wife, all the people who contributed to makig this film an international world recognized movie that deals with real life issues.May God continue to open many more doors and i know one day soon, and oscar nomination will soon be coming.

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