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Posted by on Aug 5, 2015 in Roots & Culture | 0 comments

coLAB-orating Across Cultures

One sunny day in June, as I was strolling around the internets, I came across a post about a blogging conference called Altitude Summit (Alt Summit for short), described as the premier business conference for lifestyle & design bloggers, small business owners, and social media personalities.  I n I does love a good conference but had already missed the summer session. But they were offering a chance to take part in a new initiative called coLAB which would pair up bloggers / entrepreneurs from the Latina Bloggers Connect, Alt Summit and Blogalicious communities (the L.A.B in coLAB, get it?). coLAB participants would be blindly matched and charged with coLab-orating (get it? get it?LOL) together on a project and sharing said project with their respective audiences.

Sounded like an awesome opportunity to me. So I applied and was accepted. Woot!

I totally assumed that I would be paired up with a like-minded Latina blogger and couldn’t wait to e- meet her. I was quite surprised to find Ms. Makenzie Jamias in my inbox. I think the phrase ‘different as night and day’ applies here.

She: a young, white, Mormon, married woman attending college in Utah.

Me: a 40-something, black, divorced mom of two teen boys trying to make it in the big apple.

I must admit my preconceived notions (dare I say prejudices – noooo!) came to fore. What could we possibly have in common? What could we work on together?  Then I told myself ‘Relax nuh gyal! She’s a woman living in America, like you. Let’s start there and see what happens, ahright?’

Well, turns out we have quite a few things in common and the things that we don’t just make us, and our coLAB-oration, that much more interesting.

We’ve come up with an exciting project that will incorporate 3 things that we both love dearly: design, culture and our families. It’s titled The Impact of Culture on Marriage and Parenting. I can’t say any more about it just yet, but stay tuned! We’ll be posting the final project on our respective websites by September 1st.  But in the meantime let me introduce you to my awesome coLAB compatriot, Mrs. Makenzie Jamias!

DSC_0681Who are you? Makenzie Jamias

What do you do? I’m a graphic designer/event planner. I’m studying event planning in school right now at Brigham young University but my passion is in design. I am self taught and try to get my hands on everything that I can to learn more. I love history of type books!

Where is your digital home?, @MakenzieJamias for FB, Twitter and Instagram

Why coLAB? I went to AltSummit Summer and it was amazing to meet so many women and hear people talk about their successful businesses that they’ve created. I want to be able to explore things I haven’t done before and coLAB sound like it’d be a great way to start. It is awesome that I was paired up with Alysia because I’ve always thought about me and my husband’s cultures mixing and how it has affected us. We are excited to share this project with you!



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