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Posted by on Feb 15, 2016 in Ah Big Chune Dis! | 0 comments

Dancehall + Zika Virus ??

As I’m sure you know, the latest health concern to hit the Americas and the Caribbean is the Zika virus. Spread though mosquito bites (though there is some indication now that it may be sexually transmitted as well) Zika poses it’s greatest threat to pregnant women. Children born to women who contracted Zika while pregnant are at great risk of being born with microcephaly, an abnormally small head due to abnormal brain development.

The governments of the countries at risk are pulling out all of the stops to raise awareness of the virus and teach folks how to prevent it. One of the most creative awareness campaigns so far comes out of Jamaica. Starring  OB/GYN Dr. Michael Abraham the PSA hits all the important points re: prevention while using a bassline and riddim that will have you two-steppin’ in your living room.

Well done JA!

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