Hey Hyphens!

How you? Long time no see eh? Apologies for the extended absence but life has been steady drop-kicking my ass for a minute now an it’s taken me some time to regain my equilibrium (most of which happened on a beach in Miami – see pic above). But I’m back and ready to jump into my fav pastime: the exploration and discussion of all things Caribbean.

First thing to note: this year we are celebrating ten years online. Ten. Years. Me cyaan believe it. How did ten years fly by so quickly?  Not quite sure, but here we are. And in our tenth year, RACA aims to up the ante a bit.

First change: our new look. After ten years our feng sheui was off and it was time to change things up a bit.  So we rearranged a few things, brought in a couple of new pieces and voila! RACA 2.0! What can you expect from this new look? Well, 1. we’re moving to a monthly format. I realize the January edition is hitting the digital newsstands a  bit late (see note re: life kicking editors’ ass in the first paragraph) but going forward we will publish a new issue each month with fun and exciting features. Smaller sections such as Today’s 2 Step and WIWOTW will be updated on rolling basis. Our goal is that this new layout make for a more engaging and interactive reader experience.

The next step in RACA’s evolution is that where previously 95% of the content was written by moi, we are are now opening up our pages to other voices. No longer is this just my platform to share my opinions and thoughts. For this to be a true conversation, a wider range of ideas and opinions needs to be represented. We are committed to stories from the diaspora, by the diaspora.

To that end please note there will be a monthly call for submissions. There are a number of topics we’re looking for insight on. And if you have something on your heart to share that’s not indicated in the call, then pitch me! Please note that all published contributors will be compensated. We ain’t ballin’ out of control over here at the RACA office, but we cyan provide a likkle small piece for allyuh wuk, right?

I’m excited for the refresh and looking forward to the discussions, ideas and events this space will spawn. If you have comments, suggestions, or feedback (constructive only please. Me nah business wit troll dem) hit me up on any of the platforms below.

Catch you out in these digital streets!

When you miss me, I gone!



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