It’s been a minute but our podcast Ah Who Dat? is back! In our first episode from the new year we sit down with Boston radio personality Ms. Hotsauce and chat bout her many media projects and life in Boston’s Caribbean-American community.

Traditionally migrants from the Caribbean revel and settle in the us thr ik and Canada. In the us nyc is the #location . So much so that Flatbush brooklyn was recently designated little Caribbean #s.

What many meaning I, don’t realize is that Boston mass is also home to a healthy Caribbean pop #s. Traveling there since Caribbean people have been calling home for generations

And it’s from this enclave that one ma Danielle .. aka miss hotsuace resides Dani Kee is lost jobs . Dani is loving the quintessential hyphen life. With a Trini dad and aHonduran mom raised in black American culture Danielle n Afro Latina that not only enjoys something Honduran here but the trapping dog tradition Trini culture as well. that


For more info on Ms. Hotsauce check out her work online at MsHotsauce2U.com

If you’re in the Boston area check her out on The Good Life Morning Show Mondays – Fridays from 7am – 10am on 101.3FM.

Also, her podcast Henny & Hotwings and her Youtube show Saucy in the City.

And on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 

If in doubt, just search for MsHotSauce2u.